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Welcome to the online Mercator GeoSystems postcode data mapping portal.

This site enables you to visualise your postcode-tagged data on a map. This data could be a file of customers, a list of prospects, incidents or any other postcode-based data. Your map can either place a dot on the map for each postcode enabling you to quickly and easily identify clusters of related data, or 'aggregate' the data to enable a shaded map to be created enabling areas to be 'banded' into classes helping identify broad trends in your data.

From this page you can specify the options for your map, the details you would like to include and then buy your map quickly and easily using a credit card.  After you have made your selections from the options below you can preview your map, or proceed directly to the payment page.

To watch our introductory tutorial on YouTube click here :

Postcode Data Select a file on your computer that contains a list of postcodes (e.g LS16 6TZ), postcode sectors (LS16 6), postcode districts (e.g LS16) or postcode areas (e.g LS).

Your file must be a text file which can easily be created from software such as Excel or Access. A header row is not required, but the postcode must be in the first column.

Alternatively you can copy and paste your data into this text box :

Your data can either have just a list of postcodes (or sectors,districts etc) or a postcode and then a comma followed by a numeric value used to represent the number of 'items' (e.g customers, incidents) at that postcode. For dot maps repeated postcodes, or postcodes with a larger value, will have a larger dot on the map.

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Need help or got a question?  Click here to contact us and get assistance.

Please note that in order to prevent abuse of this service the preview map is a slightly pixelated (blurred) version of the final map you will receive should you buy a map. The final map is of a much higher quality.

You can view a final-quality sample PDF here, a sample PNG image (when delivered as HTML) here and here (larger version). These samples are exactly the same quality that you will receive when you purchase your map.

 Current map price : £40 + vat

If you feel we can improve this service in any way please click here to send us feedback.